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 With over 75 years combined experience Prime Reel Estate Sportfishing is

 one of New Yorks most well respected fishing boats

, we have a good understanding of the fish in our area, and

 will go the extra mile to put you on the meat

 We run a 30 Foot Albemarle that cruises at 25 knots .You will get to the

 offshore grounds fast and comfortably. She is also rigged with all safety  

 gear including: 6 person Life Raft, EPIRB, Satellite Phone, etc. We use  

 top of the line tackle ensuring you fight the fish not the tackle.  We troll

 mostly all Quality Bars made by We primarily fish

 the Hudson Canyon but will run from the Dip to Toms and further if need

 be to put you on the meat. 

 We specialize in fishing for Tuna including Yellowfin, Bigeye, Bluefin, and

 Longfin Albacore as well as Sharks.

Overnight Canyon trip (24 hours of fishing) $3500
Canyon day troll) $2200
Tuna/Shark combo) (extended day) $2000
Inshore Tuna) $1800
Shark fishing) $1800
Tutorial charter)  You are the crew. you will rig, set out  spreads, learn to rig ballihoo, rig bait, and practice your end game. we will show you all the tricks,spots,and techniques we use. Available for all charters.
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